Author: CRSBBQ Entertainment

There’s not a lot of teriyaki in LV and we haven’t found any that’s good so to feed my wife’s habit, I made some from scratch (at Smith Island)

And, of course the traditional Thanksgiving clam dip to snack on while we wait for the turkey to roast. I couldn’t find original Tim’s chips anywhere. Winco had Jalapeño and Salt & Vinegar but no plain so we’re slummin’ it with Ruffles (at Smith Island)

Here it is, the very first turkey to be roasted at Smith Island South and the first turkey roasted outside of Smith Island North since 2001. Only one 21 lb bird this year. We’ve had north of 40 people some years but it’s just us and one Danish family member filling Morgan’s seat since we still have three weeks until her return. My kids have never had a Thanksgiving this small (at Smith Island)

Let the Thanksgiving eve Egg Roll Extravaganza commence! (at Smith Island)

It got here later this year with our new surroundings but it’s that time of year where I take my flip flops out of pole position in my closet and line up my slippers in the ready position. We’re having a fuzzy slipper contest for my ward Christmas party at church this year. Wait till they get a load of me… (at Smith Island)

Feeding the missionaries. I hope we have enough ribs…. #TagAnElder (at Smith Island)

A little late night Dirt Dog (at Dirt Dog Las Vegas)

Just listened to Livi’s High School band perform. This is the view from her school’s Performing Arts Center (at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts)

It’s raining and we’re eating at Red Robin. It’s like we never left WA… (at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers)

Remember that London Broil I started marinating last week? It just got cooked on my new flat top (at Smith Island)